Indicator and buzzer signals status on hall station of CM-series dumbwaiter
1. Emergency stop switch Emergency stop
2. Buzzer Rhythmical
buzzing sound
When dumbwaiter arrives destination floor, the buzzer of this floor will produce rhythmical buzzing sound until the preset time is up.
Long buzzing sound When car or landing door is not properly closed, long buzzing sound will be produced if call button is pressed.
3. LED
F A "F" will be shown on the floor indicator when the stop switch of that floor is pressed
E Safety circuit is interrupted
8 The sequence of position input signals from landing switches is incorrect.(Any one of position input signal is lost or more than one signals are activated at the same time).
0-9 Indicates the parking floor of dumbwaiter.
4. Up
ON steadily When dumbwaiter is running up or down, up or down directional arrow indicator will be on steadily respectively.
Indicator flickering
(Mode 1)
When dumbwaiter arrives destination floor, arrow indicator will flicker as the same frequency of the rhythmical buzzing sound of the arrival buzzer until door is opened or preset time is up
*Indicator flickering
(Mode 2)
In multiple calls operation, if door is not properly closed which will cause dumbwaiter not to run and responed to the rest of the call signal. The up or down arrow indicator will keep on flickering at preset interval until all door are closed.
Indicator flickering
(Mode 3)
When up and down arrow indicators flicker interchangeably at slow rhythm, it means that dumbwaiter is out of order with flight timer is tripped.
5. Door-open
ON steadily Car or landing door is opened.
OFF Car and landing door are fully closed
Flickering quickly If any door is not porperly closed when any one of call button is pressed, door-open indicator will flicker quickly (buzzer sounds at the same time) to remind user to close door.
Flickering slowly If landing door is forced to open during car running, door-open indicator will flicker 2 times slowly and dumbwaiter will stop to run immediately. Please wait for repairing.
6. *Overload
ON Represents weight putting inside dumbwaiter exceeds the car rate capcaity.
7. Call button
ON / OFF When call button is pressed, the corresponding call button indicator will light up showing that the call signal is registered. The call button indicator will turn off automatically when the service of the call is completed.
Preset function Operation Mode
Single call operation When signal call operation is adopted, dumbwaiter accepts to proceed only one call button signal at the same time after all door are closed. If car or landing door is not properly closed, a "door-open" warning buzzer will sound automatically on the parking floor when anyone of call button is pressed, this is to remind user to close door.
*Multiple call operation When multiple calls operation is adopted, all pressed call button will be accepted and responded one by one according to dumbwaiter's running direction.
If car or landing door is not properly closed, a "door open" warning buzzer will sound automatically on the parking floor when any one of call button is pressed this is to remind user to close door.
Inspection operation
(maintenance personnel use only
When dumbwaiter is in inspection mode. It can control dumbwaiter to run by continously pressing the top landing call button for up running or button call landing or down running at hall operating panel of any landing. Dumbwaiter will stop to run immediately if releasing the said buttons.
8. *Key switch
(Main floor only)
*Additional Provision

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